Why Choose Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering, much like bell bottom pants, tie-die shirts, and hard rock, lives on the pendulum of popularity in society. It is one of those things that always existed somewhere, but has gained and lost popularity over the years and generations. I like to think the pendulum is on the upswing again, along with breastfeeding and natural birth, but it could just exist in my tiny micro-cosmic universe. So whether or not it's truly back, as my grandmother laughs at me when I try to show her how to change a cloth diaper, or it's all in my mind, I'm going to share the knowledge and excitement I have about the subject!

My Top Five Benefits of the Cloth Diaper VS the Disposable:

5. It's just as convenient as a regular old disposable diaper. Especially with the glorious convenience of an All-In-One or Pocket Diaper that is maneuvered exactly the same way as a disposable! Put it on then take it off and throw it in a wet-bag to wash on laundry day!

4. It's more cost effective. On average, a family spends anywhere from $1000-$2000 over the course of their child's first three years of life on disposable diapers (that's calculating approx. 6-10 diapers per day/ $25 per box of about 100 diapers). You could spend half that amount on a cloth diaper stash that has the ability to grow with your child, and has a great re-sale value! That's right, use your cloth diapers and save them for your next baby (that's $0 spent for diapering subsequent babies!!!) OR sell them to someone else who needs them! With proper care (which isn't much different from regular laundry) you can normally resale your stash and get close to what you bought them for!

3. Baby is not exposed to any chemicals.  The nature of a disposable diaper means it's made with chemical compounds to aid in absorption which can lead to diaper rash and then disposal of those chemicals in garbage and landfills. Cloth diapering uses good old natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and bamboo. This means little to no diaper rash for baby and a mind at ease for parents! 

2. Modern cloth diapers come in amazing prints and styles. Not only do you have options about how much you want to spend on cloth diapers, but you have millions of options to express your family's personal style. (They are cool enough to rock with just a t-shirt!)

1.The most noble reason of all... You're doing a little something to save the planet! According to the EPA’s most recent municipal waste report (2008), 2.3% by weight of products discarded in the municipal waste stream are disposable diapers! 7.6 billion pounds of diapers a year are discarded in the U.S alone. And that number is only going up each year. The amount of water and electricity you use (which is even less when you use good old solar power to dry diapers) doesn't even compare to the negative impact landfills have on our planet. 


If you would like more information on cloth diapering, would like to purchase some gorgeous cloth diapers, or are located in the South Texas area and would like to schedule a cloth diaper party, please contact me or visit Titus Design Company and choose me as your Sales Rep at checkout!

Thank you and happy Cloth Diapering!

Aimee Garcia, BBCD