The girl named Doula

I swiped through what seemed like hundreds of titles on Netflix after my daughter was born at the beginning of the summer, yearning to initiate another binge-watching adventure (or couch-venture, whatever). After I finally decided on giving Gilmore Girls a try, I was hooked after 2 episodes. Never watching when it originally aired, I was delightfully surprised with the fast-paced, wholesome story of this mom and daughter duo. Had I watched when it originally came on, I would not have been inspired to write this blog! So thank you Netflix for bringing back this amazing example of quality television.

As the story unfolds, and having just completed my studies to become a doula, I noticed everything pregnancy, birth, and baby related, so I thought I would analyze the philosophy of motherhood according to the Gilmore Girls.

Rarely did any birth related plot-line actually directly involve Lorelai or Rory, but it still gives some insight to what is going on in society at the same time.

Let's talk about Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy)...

-Sookie has her first baby at home with a (somewhat terrifying) midwife.

-Sookie has her second baby in the hospital then immediately (without conversations beforehand, and still laying in her hospital bed) commands her husband to "go with the nice nurse" to get a vasectomy.

-Sookie finds out 3-4 seasons later that, Surprise! She's pregnant because husband never got the vasectomy and assumed she was still on birth control (way to communicate guys).


The first interaction we have with breastfeeding takes place in good old Luke's Diner. As Luke freaks out about a huge family that comes in every week with the mom breastfeeding at the table. "I don't have any problem with, but why's she gotta whip it out at the table?!" Luke won't even approach the group (who doesn't ever order anything) because he's so weirded out. 

In season seven, Lane, (Rory's bestie) is having twins and her band-mate, amaze-balls guitarist, Gil, ( aka Sebastian hottie Bach of Skidrow) postpones band practice to converse about the great functionality of the breast pump Lane received and also how great formula feeding can be as well!


We see Sherrie (Rory's new step-mom) laboring like a champ in the hospital (squatting on the bed), but also freaking out because none of her work-aholic friends will make it to the birth, and her husband is doing his best to make it back to town to make the birth, so she's left with the help of Lorelai and Rory. (Here we get a recount of Lorelai's own 16-year old self going into labor).

Lane's first contractions are (of course) sensationalized for dramatic affect, and she's swept away to have her babies ( we don't get to see any details of Steve and Kwan's birth, sorry!)

Which brings us to...... the girl named Doula!

In the last seasons, Luke's sister finds out she's pregnant! (She is mother to 18 year old, ex-boyfriend of Rory, Jess (swoon)). This time we go back to the home birth roots that Sookie started in the early seasons, and this time we also hear that she's using a doula!! Yay right? .... Wrong... it's ruined mere hours later, when after her darling daughter comes into the world at home,  she names her daughter "Doula".  I don't know, I guess it could be construed as a nice gesture, but it just felt a little off. Maybe name her after your awesome doula (still weird), but I felt like it belittled the profession or the history of the doula's role. It continued to feel awkward when Luke would gush over his adorable little "Doula" each time she made an appearance. (But all publicity is good publicity right?)

And of course the pregnancy theme didn't end there. Up until the very last show, with Taylor's crazy "pregnancy" pun laced speech, we leave the girls to their bright and optimistic futures. Rory gestated to perfection and birthed from the womb of Stars Hollow (Taylor's words, not mine), and Lorelai finally ready to go make some babies with Luke... All is well with the world!

Sometimes I felt whiplash, as though there were 10 different people writing these stories (which there probably were), but as it came to a teary end, I took a step back just to take it as it was. And it really was a pretty good introduction to the world of birth, whether with a midwife at home, with a doula, or in a hospital, it was all about the relationships all these women had built around them, and the awesome little (fictional) babies that were born to these lovable characters! I probably felt the sting of saying goodbye to the Gilmore Girls a little more than others, after all, I had been watching since I brought my own baby girl home. Now 10 weeks later, we've seen Rory graduate twice, go through breakups, and we have to let her fly into the "real world". Sad to say "au revoir" but it's back to the real world!


I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with The Gilmore Girls. All opinions and ideas expressed in this blog are my own, and obviously just for fun! Thanks for reading!